They got her too.

After yesterdays humiliating photo session I am glad to say that I was not victimised and the mis treatment is doled out to all off us, check this out.


I don’t feel so bad now

xxx stubs


Trials and Tribulations


I come from a long and noble family, my ancestors were revered as Gods by the Egyptians, and they do this to me!

The shame…. no wonder she spends all day like this.


an antler proof position.

Doggy dreams


I never knew life would be like this, its 3 days now and I feel like they are my pack.

The humans are different to the ones I knew before, they are calling me the same name again and again, I think I have a name and they touch me in kind ways I have my own bed and bowl.

I like this kennel it could be home.

xxx Stubby.

What a Girl!

Well day 2 and we have come to some sort of agreement, the other Dog Lilly has been here some time and everything belongs to her, but she lets me play with her toys (she has a lot)

This is the first time I have encountered them, but there is a large bumpy wooden slope that Lilly and the humans go up at night, they have been trying to get me to go up it but I am very unsure about it, lilly just bounds up it with no problem (and I think she may have food up there too)


life Begins at 3.


Life for me was in the fast lane, as a racing dog I retired at 3 years old having pulled one of my tendons chasing a turbo charged rabbit.

In some respects I am quite lucky, normally my kind are destroyed or worse sold on abroad to run again till we die or are sold on and food.

I will try and keep this as light hearted as possible and walk you through my new life.

xxx Stubby.